Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The beautiful setting of Jeju Island was amazing

“There are many horror stories on the internet about terrible experiences working at Hagwons or Academies in Korea.  Yale is definitely not one of those Horror Story Hagwons.  Working at Yale was a very good experience for my wife and me.  It is large (employing six or seven foreign teachers) and well established (more than 20 years old I believe), so pay was NEVER an issue.  Flights and severance were taken care of easily.  Even overtime (when earned) was included on time, automatically, and without asking.  Both Mintak and Jinhee (your two bosses) speak very good English, and I found them both to be very helpful and supportive; likewise, the rest of the Korean teachers speak very good English, go out of their way to help you, and are fun to hang out with.  The beautiful setting of Jeju Island was amazing, but it was really the people at Yale and in the community around it made our time in Korea the great experience that it was.”

Ben Strickland